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The Show

This original show is an innovative combination of lights, music and magic, combined together by the charm and the lightness of soap bubbles. All these elements, working jointly, create a masterpiece of beauty and harmony.
It all starts very gently, with a cascade of bubbles: millions of bubbles, in fact, fill the scene with a soundtrack which, in a poetic fashion, talks about "fragility".
It's not a magic show, but Luc creates a really magical atmosphere by involving an audience from all ages into a spectacular experience of imagination and dreams.
Some containers full of soap, several glass tubes and a smoke machine. These are the tools used in order to create the most sensational and colourful shapes:  a smoke-filled bubble takes the shape of a volcano, some other bubbles turn into a bright lamp, moving from one effect to the other up to the final performance with the "Mega Bubbles" (giant bubbles which form coloured and brilliant tunnels) eventually enveloping a spectator. Another spectacular effect is the "membrane" of soap, which, with great mastery and skill becomes an iridescent mirror into which more bubbles are added and, using special light effects, create a spectacular picture showing the colours of the rainbow.
Luc has truly transformed a simple child's play into a Contemporary Art show, able to transport both young and old alike into a special journey of dreams and imagination.


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