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The Artist

The Artist

Luc begins his career, almost as a game, in 1995 whilst on board a cruise liner.
His passion for research and his study of new elements to create new chemical formulas have enable Luc to achieve great success.
In his small chemical laboratory, Luc spends much time experimenting with different soap blends to use during his show.
Often performing aboard cruise liners, there is a big problem with air conditioning: a sworn enemy of soap bubbles!
The solution to this problem is a special chemical formula which allows for the desired effect, prolonging the duration and the resistance of the bubbles.
As well as the problem of air conditioning, there are also other elements which make presenting this kind of show much more complicated: it's the constant vibration and movement of a sailing ship (rolling).
Luc has managed to create a special soap formula which allows him to perform even in difficult circumstances, such as those experienced aboard a cruise liner, even if it is a recently built and modern one.
As well as dedicating himself to his fascinating job, Luc spends part of his leisure time to body building and Latin American music.
For some years, in fact, Luc was part of a folk group from Peru, his own country.
His pleasantness makes him an admired person who is surrounded by friends all over the world.
His greatest fans, of course, are children, charmed and intrigued by the beauty and magic emanated by the soap bubbles.

He has also participated in numerous American and European TV shows, as well as countless Events and Conventions all over the world.

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