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The Soap Solution


I do not give out the formula for my performance level solution.  But I can make suggestions for very good home-made solutions. The following information should be considered a starting point because environmental conditions (humidity, dust, etc.) can affect the life span of a bubble. Experiment with the recipes to suit your needs. Plus, a solution that works well for small artistic sculptures may not always work as well for bigger bubbles. Try these:
1 Gallon Distilled Water
Available at most pharmacies and supermarkets
Non-Ultra Dawn Original Scent* 18oz.
Glycerin - small bottle
Found in the skin care section of most pharmacies
A Mixing Bucket
Measuring Cup
1 Tablespoon measure
Large Plastic Stirring Spoon
Mr. Bubbles from Tootsie Toy
[not the bubble bath!] For making advanced formulations
* Second Choice: Ajax Dish Detergent. Currently dominating the shelves are “Ultra” versions of many different name brands. The best of the Ultra versions is currently “Dawn Complete”. However, I suggest you use a “Non-Ultra” version for the best bubbling. I’ve made note on using Ultra products in the formula if you absolutely must use Ultra products.

Bubble Formula #1For general blowing and popping fun
Step 1
Into your Mixing bucket add the entire gallon of Distilled Water.
Step 2
Stirring SLOWLY so as not to make lather, add in 12 oz. of Non-Ultra Dawn Original Scent (or 9 oz. of Ultra Dish detergent if necessary).
Step 3
Stir in 3 Tablespoons (1 oz) of Glycerin (6 tablespoons if using Ultra detergent).

Bubble Formula #2For more successful bigger bubbles
Same as Formula #1 only add 40-60 ounces of quality commercial bubble solution.
The best is Mr. Bubbles from Tootsie Toy [not the bubble bath!]. As a second choice try Super Miracle Bubbles. Use Pustifix or Gazillion Bubbles if you don’t mind paying a lot more for them. They both work very, very well when added to my home-made mix.

Bubble Formula #3For longer lasting small sculptures; probably too 'heavy' for big bubbles
Same as #2 only add 4 ounces more Detergent (2 ounces more “ultra” detergent) and 2-4 more Tablespoons of Glycerin

 Have Fun with your bubbles......


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